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Welcome, Content Creators!

Thank you for your interest in Bark DS! As a Content Partner, you can set up your own Content Channels on the Bark DS network. Think of it as getting your own TV channel on an amazing TV network; you get to control all of the content and provide both paid and free access to a vast audience. Here are some FAQs to get you on your way. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

How does this help me?

By making your content available on the Bark DS network, you create an exceptionally smooth distribution network for your members and potential members. Anyone that subscribes to your channel(s) will get real-time updates from you every time you make an update/addition. 

For example, let’s say you have a channel with 10 video clips and 10 image slides. Everyone who has subscribed to your channel can schedule that content on their TVs connected to Bark DS devices. When you make an addition/update to that channel (i.e., you add 5 more video clips), those clips will automatically syndicate on all of your subscriber’s digital TV sets. It’s really that easy!

How many channels can I set up?

You can set up as many channels as you like.

How does uploading content work?

You upload content by simply dragging and dropping files (image slides and videos) into our Admin Panel. For every channel that you create, you can build multiple Playlists within it. As an example, you could have a channel called “Amazing Sayings” and then Playlists within that channel called “Funny Quotes,” “Serious Sayings,” and “Inspirational Musings.”

Can I make some of my channels Free and some of them Paid?

Absolutely! You control which channels you want to offer for Free and which ones you want to make people pay for.

For the Paid channels, what is the commission structure, and how do I get paid?

We’ve made it simple. For each paid channel, a subscriber commits for a month at a time. You receive 70% of that revenue, which we pay out monthly, 3 months after the sale (to account for cancellations, disputes, etc.).

How do users subscribe to my channels?

The way that Bark DS works is that every user on our system is part of a Group. The admin for every Group gets to decide whether to offer your Content Channel to their members or not. If they allow your Content Channel to be seen on their network, then every one of their users can subscribe to it.

Can anyone be a Content Partner?

No. Content Partners are approved by Bark on a case-by-case basis, depending on the quality and value we see for our subscribers.

What does it cost an approved Content Partner to participate in Bark DS?

Please contact us for pricing.

What is the yearly subscription fee for approved Content Partners?

Please contact us for pricing.

Can you design the content for me?

Of course! If you’d like Bark to design the motion graphic slides, we’d be happy to. Our award-winning design team will take your raw content and design it into beautiful motion graphic slides. We’ve simplified our pricing at $99 per slide (which includes a well-designed composition of animated text over top of moving image/video). You provide us with the data, and we’ll take care of making it look good. Well-designed content is essential to the success of this product!


If you're interested in becoming a Bark DS Content Partner, please contact us.

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